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Floral Design. Flower Wedding Arrangements.

When it comes to Flowers we bring the magic of a fairy tale. In our team led by our CEO, Octavia Troconis Lazo, we are Florists with a passion for design responsible for arranging every type of Flowers and turn them into an Art piece. Please take a look at our most popular collections below.

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“Ikebana is the Japanese art of Flowers. It comes to life when floral arrangements are used to honor the blessing of Love…”


“Love is The Flower you've got to let grow. Our Romance collection is for those who love not for now, but for ever..." 


“Make it full of The Florida Colors. If everyone could see the miracle of a single flower our whole life would change..."


“Let The Love be the rose that blooms forever. Show your Love dramatically with our Manhattan collection..." 

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