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Our Story

Always together, mother and daughter working hand in hand. We believe in dreams and the mission to make them come true. We are committed to evolution as part of life and that is the inspiration we undertake in each of our projects.

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“ I will tell you my Story...
Once upon a time in a little town in Venezuela a girl with big green eyes was born. They gave me a name called Octavia Valentina Troconis Lazo, imagine that! I had to stand out with personality.
Then began the story of a woman committed to the mission of trying to make things better. All efforts directed toward that mission will have been worth it. We may not be able to completely change the world but we can surely make a positive difference.
I have traveled a path in different settings, Art, Interior Design, Sports, Law and Politics. My life has many facets but in all of them there is a common theme, LOVE. Celebrating love is my passion. Love has been my dream and my goal. Each of our events are dreams fulfilled. I will work with determination to make your wedding unique and wonderful.”


1122 Weddings and Events |CEO



“ My wonderful adventure began when I decided to include my interior design career in wedding decoration. The ability to merge architecture and design with the organization of events has allowed me to expand the limits and turn the simple into the extraordinary.
I designed 1122 to always be a welcoming brand, to our clients, to other vendors and to entrepreneurs like us.
My work is my legacy. My dream was sown 19 years ago in Caracas-Venezuela and today I feel deeply satisfied with the results. Grow, reinvent yourself and take new paths. Creativity is my Gift and my mission.”


1122 Weddings and Events |Creative Director

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