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Wedding Videography

"I’m an entrepreneur, adventurer and a massage therapist. But to you I’m most likely a filmmaker who is passionate about capturing love stories. I love filming those special moments in your life and keeping those memories forever for you. I truly believe everyone should have a wedding videographer for those memories that are a priceless investment when it comes to your big day.

Story driven and service-oriented I am passionate about capturing love and getting to know your story. I’m based in Ocala, Florida but I will literally travel anywhere, following love to the ends of the earth.

My love for filmmaking started when I was traveling the world looking for wildlife encounters to film and capturing them in their natural habitat. Mixed in between my travels a few family members and friends ask me to shoot their wedding day since I had all the equipment for it. That’s when fell in love with filming weddings. I’ve never stopped since and just keep seeking more stories full of magic to capture. Honest human moments are such a beautiful thing to capture on film."

CEO | Steven Jim Films 

Steven Jim Films is our partner company and we invite you to check out their work HERE or on their Instagram page.

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