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Wedding Planning and Wedding Management 

In 1122 Events we are a devoted team. Our dream is to make yours come true on your BIG DAY. We have passion for all we do. If the passion isn’t burning hot, the years of working hard won’t be worth it. The passion we feel is the one thing, the little spark that will make your wedding special. Where ever your dream goes, we go with it.
With 19 years of international experience, 6 years in New York City, now we take our magic to Central Florida.
From your perfect dress, your flowers, to the carefully selection of an iconic Venue. Unique, affordable and intimate. We are dedicated to making your wedding day Unforgettable as you are.



  • Small wedding for up to 30 people
    Included: full decoration, organization, and contact with vendors and floral art.

  • Elopements

  • Full wedding organization and Decoration
    Included: Contact with vendors, Selection of furniture and decoration, Floral art, Full organization on the wedding day

  • Exclusive wedding planning
    Included: Contact with vendors before and during the wedding day

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